Quakers have taken a clear stand for peace from early in our 350 year history. Our words and action in opposition to war and in support of peace have come to be known as 'the Quaker peace testimony'. Below are a number of websites that are dedicated to seeking peace.

Quaker Peace Education work is about supporting young people to engage critically with the concept of peace.

Northern Friends Peace Board are a group of Quakers whose purpose is ‘to advise and encourage Friends, and through them their fellow citizens, in the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth’

Peace witness

“In mid September, I attended a peace vigil at the arms fair, ExCel centre. Being surrounded by a hundred or so other people with the same passionate feeling really gave me a sense of a community. Though from different backgrounds and beliefs, we were all united in silence for that one hour. 
“Having recently attended a young Quaker event with the theme of ‘Activism around the world’, this peace vigil gave me the opportunity to use what I had learned, and helped me to make a point on something I feel very strongly about. Whilst I was sitting there, I watched as arms dealers entered and exited the centre in preparation for the fair the next day. What really struck me then was that I was making a difference, no matter how small. Our vigil would remain in these traders’ minds, hopefully helping them reconsider what their trading could lead to. In the future I hope to participate in the more active parts of demonstrations too, but this was my first step. 
“As peace plays a significant role in my Quaker life, this helped me start to act upon my views. Not only did participating in this vigil help make a difference for the better, but it has also inspired me to keep activism an important role in my Quakerism and my life.” Niamh Carmichael


Peace on a personal level

The Forgiveness Project works at a local, national and international level to help build a future free of conflict and violence by healing the wounds of the past. By collecting and sharing people’s stories, and delivering outreach programmes The Forgiveness Project encourages and empowers people to explore the nature of forgiveness and alternatives to revenge.

Leap: Confronting Conflict  was established in 1987 as a project of the Leaveners (Quaker Community Arts Charity). Now independent of the Leaveners, Leap works to raise awareness of the conflicts facing young people in their community and help young people to find possible solutions to the issues they face.

Step Forward  One mans story about loss, Islamic faith and famil. Tariq Jahan's son Haroon was killed in the 2011 Birmingham riots. Hours after his son's death Tariq pleaded with angry crowds to disperse.


World Peace

BANg is a European Youth network who are active in the struggle for nuclear disarmament while focusing, as a first step, on Europe.

Where is the love? DSEi is the world’s biggest arms fairs. For one week every two years, in East London, arms companies display their weapons to buyers (including human rights abusing regimes) from around the world. Where is the Love is made about this arms fair by students from the Royal Docks Community School.



Forces watch  challenges the ethics of military recruitment and questions the climate of uncritical national pride in the armed forces.

Before you sign up  this is a website that is independent of the government, and provides information for those considering signing up to think through. Many people enjoy military life but it isn't for everyone; it can be very difficult to leave the armed forces once you've joined .

Informed choice is an independent report which assesses whether the information provided to potential recruits enables them to make an informed choice about enlistment.