Accompanying 2019

Come to Yearly Meeting Accompanying (15-18's)

Friday 24 May to Monday 27 May, 2019

At Friends House, London (non residential).

Accompanying is for 15-18’s (born between 1.9.2000 and 31.8.2003)  which will be looking at privilege and it’s impact on climate justice and sustainability and inclusion and diversity. You choose which Yearly Meeting sessions you want to join. You will be part of a small group who you will meet with during the event. There will also be social activities during the free time.

“The BYM Sessions we attended were really interesting and thought provoking”.

We hope that Accompanying helps prepare you for attending Yearly Meeting as a Young Adult Quaker.

“I liked being part of BYM and I felt welcomed and able to participate in Business Meeting”

What to expect: Explore new perspectives! Gain new insight’s!

Hear from a wide range of perspectives on the theme.

Engage with the theme in different ways.

Find your voice and be heard.

What you need to know

  • For young people, by young people: The structure and elements of Accompanying were agreed by a coordinating group of young Friends aged 15 – 18.


  • Attendees will be required to have a person who is responsible for them where they are staying during the event. 


  • Adult volunteers and staff will be available to support participation in YM. 


  • Social activities include bowling, picnics, discussions on sessions, a trip to an ice cream parlour and informal chats.



Accompanying is non residential and therefore incurs no cost. However individuals, who sign up for the social activities, will be required to cover the cost of their participation in each activity.


You choose which Yearly Meeting sessions you want to join, those that have registered for Accompanying will get an email in mid May, where they can state which Yearly Meeting Session they would like to join. For more information on the sessions available please see below:

Friday 24 May

Introduction to Accompanying and social activity. Times to be confirmed.

Saturday 25 May

Looking through the lens of privilege at climate justice and inclusion 9:30am to 12:00pm 

In this session Friends will hear two voices engaged in a broad- ranging conversation around privilege. Our speakers will draw on different personal experiences, as together they consider privilege and the lack of privilege in relation to diversity and inclusion, sustainability and climate justice. This session will prepare the ground for wider discernment, which will continue throughout the weekend in parallel sessions and beyond.

Parallel sessions 2:15pm to 5:15pm

To develop our investigation of privilege, Friends are invited to choose one of a number of sessions running in parallel. These will include working towards our commitment to 'zero carbon'; engaging with diversity; using privilege for positive change; and challenging exceptionalism..

Swarthmore Lecture 7:15pm to 8:15pm

Eden will explore Quaker eco-theology, from early Friends to Quakers today. Through stories of Friends' response to climate change, she will show how this witness arises from their Quaker faith. She will ask us to imagine and create a positive future. What are the obstacles to radical, prophetic, joy-filled, corporate action? 

Epilogue of sorts 8:45pm to 9:15pm

Young adult Friends from across the country will host a reflective epilogue that explores themes of sustainability, privilege and faith in action.

Sunday 26 May

Morning Sessions 9:30am to 12:00pm 

Meeting for worship with those participating in the children's programme

We will have the opportunity to worship together. The doors will remain open so that children, parents and carers can move in and out as necessary. Further information will be available nearer the time of Yearly Meeting.

Hearing other voices

Too much emphasis on groups and categories obscures the importance of lived experience. How do we hear the voices of those who are seldom heard? Can we bring other voices to the centre of our corporate discernment?

In this session Friends will hear stories of personal transformation. Our speakers will tell us about the chains that bound them, and what happened next.

Parallel sessions 2:15pm to 5:15pm, followed by

Further discernment and gathering the threads

Together we seek to understand what is holding us back from action on our urgent concerns. What have we discovered that might be relevant to the Society as a whole? How do we live, and what impact does our living have? What needs to change? We will come together in worship, seeking to gather the threads of our work so far.

Large Groups Fair 6:15pm followed by social option

Monday 27 May

Going forward 9:30am to 12:00pm

In this session, we will reflect on our journey so far. Where will we go next? What will we take back to our local and area meetings, to deepen and extend the work? How far will our discernment take us? Yearly Meeting Gathering 2020 will provide us with an opportunity to gather once more, to share what we have learned. Can we step over fear and go forward on our journey together, loving one another?

Concluding session 2:00-4:00pm


Accommodation ideas

Accompanying is non residential. If you live outside London and would like to attend Accompanying at Yearly Meeting, you could stay with your parent/s or guardians if they are also attending. If they are not attending, you could ask where Friends from your meeting plan to stay for Yearly Meeting and arrange to stay in the same venue.

The following venues provide cheap accommodation and are reasonably close to Friends House. Any young person attending Yearly Meeting should have an adult who is responsible for them in their accommodation.

Indian YMCA:

German YMCA

The YHA:*


For Accompanying are now closed.


For more information about the event contact:

Aleks Zawadzka, Children and Young People's Team Administrator.

173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ, 020 7663 1013, 

Facilitation and Leadership 2018 participants

Facilitation and Leadership: 2019

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