Past Events

There are lots of Quaker activities and events for young people between the ages of 11-18. These pages provide a record of events that have happened in the last three years. This includes photos, videos, the Minutes and JYM Epistles

A Minute is record of an agreed response to an issue considered by participants; this is written by two of the young people on the event planning group. At Junior Yearly Meeting the minute comes from the group consider one item which relates to the adult theme, which is given to the adult event.

An Epistle is a summary of the event in the form of a letter to BYM (Britain Yearly Meeting), drafted by  two of the young people on the event planning group then agreed by the rest of the event. This is then read out at the adult event BYM.

Young lady looking at mushrooms

Living our faith in the world: 2017

at Embercombe, Devon

People doing art work

Young Quakers Participation Day: 2016

at Friends House, London

young people outside

Living as a Quaker: 2016

at Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead

youth worker and young Quaker exploring living our beliefs

Living our Beliefs: 2016

at Friends House, London

Young People's Programme: 2016

at Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead

Accompanying Yearly Meeting: 2016

at Friends House, London

Junior Yearly Meeting: 2016

Frontier Centre, Northampton

Pilgrimage in 1652 Country: 2015

Swarthmoor Country

Young Quakers Participation Day: 2015

At Friends House, London

Parachute game

Junior Yearly Meeting: 2015

at Lee Valley YHA

Two girls running

Young People's Programme: 2015

High Leigh, Hoddesdon

Girls sitting in National Memorial Arboretum

Visit to the Quaker Service Memorial: 2015

Gloucester Area Meeting

Young Quakers looking at books

Young Quakers Participation Day: 2014

at Friends House, London

Tent city in sunset

Yearly Meeting Gathering: 2014

at the University of Bath