Junior Yearly Meeting: 2020

At the University of Bath

1 August - YMG arrivals from Saturday afternoon

2 August - JYM starts, Sunday morning

7 August - JYM ends, Friday lunchtime

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) is a welcoming, exciting and thought provoking event for young people born between 1.9.2002 and 31.8.2005. Whether you have recently discovered Quakerism or have been a Quaker all your life, JYM offers everyone the opportunity to meet new people, make friends through social activities and engage with spiritual practices and ideas.

The event is run by people your age, who are supported by a team of adults.

This year JYM happens a a part of Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) the event for Quakers of all ages and will link to the issues being considered there. JYM spends some of the time with their age group and they also join with YMG main sessions and activities.

"Being at YMG gave me the chance to understand Quakerism, being at a larger Quaker event strengthened my Quaker identity"

You will explore the JYM theme through speaker sessions, discussions, reflection and Quaker Meeting for Worship for Business. The young people's planning group agreed that it was essential that the theme for JYM mirrored that of the wider event, YMG. At their November meeting they decided that the theme would be: Listening, Prophecy and Reconciliation: Allyship in a Climate Emergency. 

"Although I have been going to meeting all my life, I wasn't entirely sure of my Quakerism until now as I have never had the opportunity to speak to other Friends my own age, but now I see my Quakerism in a new way".

JYM is also a spiritual event with the opportunity for you to experience Quaker practices and Worship.

"JYM was a very welcoming community and was supportive spiritually. I felt that it helped me grow spiritually as a person. It has made me want to put my thoughts into action. I don't just want to say it, I want to do it." Social activities and small groups, called base groups, will provide a place to explore the theme, build relationships and have fun.

"Spending lots of time with my amazing base group helped me to feel a part of the JYM community. This event made me feel so welcome and secure."

For more information on what JYM is like have a look at past events (on the right of the page).

How to come to JYM

There are two ways to come to JYM. By "nomination" or by an "open place".

By nomination: Area Meetings Quaker Schools or overseas Yearly Meetings ask young people whether they would like to attend JYM. This is called a "nomination". Information about JYM nominations will be sent to Area Meeting Clerks in November 2019. If you would like to be nominated to come to JYM, speak to your Meeting Clerk or Headteacher (Quaker Schools. If you don't know your Meeting Clerk, contact Aleks through the contact button on this page and she will be happy to put you in touch.

By open place: If you are not currently associated with a Meeting or School you can apply for an open place. Information on how to do this will be available in November.

Junior Yearly Meeting: 2017

at Warwick University, Coventry

Group of young people walking

Junior Yearly Meeting: 2018

at Lee Valley, Cheshunt

Picture of a group of young people walking

Junior Yearly Meeting: 2019

at Frontier Centre, Northamptonshire