Online Youth Groups

Online Quaker Youth Groups

In these unusual times a little connection can help. Quakers in Britain, would like to invite youn people to join other young Quakers from across England, Scotland and Wales to be a part of an online youth group.

Join a weekly group, with a choice of Mon-Thurs 4:30pm to 6pm. Fill in the online form to indicate your interest. You will be asked to indicate which days you prefer. Each group has space for 15 people. We plan to run groups for 11-14's and 15-18's so please indicate your age. 

Once you have completed the form we will contact your parent / guardian to confirm their permission for your participation. As soon as there are enough people in your group we will let you know the start date and how to join.

Questions? Contact Aleks at

To indicate your interest click here.

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