Can music speak louder than words?

Young Quakers at Junior Yearly Meeting 2015 and BYM's Young People's Programme 2015 asked this question of themselves: Which songs say something about my Quakerism? Using these suggestions the young people on the editorial board for Living Our Beliefs created a playlist of the most popular songs as well as playlist for some of the books chapters.

To listen to the playlists you will need an account with Spotify or Deezer, both of these sites provide free online music services. To set up an account go to the website and follow their instructions. Once you are logged in click on the links below to listen to the playlists.

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Living our beliefs  

This is a playlist of all the chosen tracks

Spotify: Living our beliefs

Deezer: Living our beliefs

Belief in action

Spotify: Belief in action

Deezer: Belief in action


Spotify: Equality

Deezer: Equality

Life journeys

Spotify: Life journeys

Deezer: Life journeys


Spotify: Membership

Deezer: Membership

Peace and conflict

Spotify: Peace and conflict

Deezer: Peace and conflict 


Spotify: Simplicity

Deezer: Simplicity


Spotify: Sustainability

Deezer: Sustainability

Truth and integrity

Spotify: Truth and integrity

Deezer: Truth and Integrity

Circle of friends sitting in a circle


Join in: belong



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