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Equality is on of Quakers testimonies, this means trying to include everyone as fully as possible, there are two ways that you can be included. 

Young People's Participation day

This is an opportunity to be involved in the decisions that affect you and the organisation you are part of. We want to hear about your experieces and concerns as young Quakers as well as ask you about issues that affect Quakers as an organisation.

I enjoyed the Young Quakers Participation Day and it taught me more about other people's approaches to Quakerism. The day made me think about my perspective. 

For more information check out our events pages.

The Quaker Life Young People's Network

Is a way of keeping in touch with the wider Quaker world and beyond. In the last year there have been a number of opportunities. Including the chance to attend events, to have a say on issues that affect you and be kept informed about what's happening. This group is for young people aged 13-18.

If your aged 13-18 then make friends with us at facebook.