Young Quakers Participation Day: 2015

Young Quakers Participation Day 2015

On Saturday, 5 September 2015, 29 young Quakers joined together to focus on issues of relevance to them and the Yearly Meeting.

In the morning this included an opportunity to engage with the new Peace Activism resource Be the Change, specifically looking at climate justice. This included protesting at British Petroleum's funding of the British Museum, by completing feedback forms for the museum expressing their discomfort about the sponsorship:
I’m really concerned about climate justice and want to take action. Today has given me the confidence to start doing that.
Some of the group also took part in an univited Meeting for Worship in the Great Court of the Brtish Museum. This was a chance of young Friends to take nonviolent direct action. 
I didn’t realise it was so easy and effective to hold a peaceful demonstration.
The direct action was powerful in showing how we can realise our plans to make change.
In the afternoon the group had an update about the new resource for young Quakers, Living our Beliefs: and exploration of the faith and practice of Quakers. The group heard from Paul Parker about the impact that the Participation Day 2014 had had on the Long Term Framework, and shared as a group where they would like to be as a Quaker in five years time.
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The next Young People's Participation Day will happen 3 December, 2016 - more information will be available in  the Summer of 2016.

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