Young Quakers Participation Day: 2020

Alongside Meeting for Sufferings, online on Zoom.

5 December 10:00am to 4:30pm.

The day made me feel encouraged to be an active member of the Quaker community to which I belong, and that all contributions, whether the giver is five or fifty, are treated with equal respect and consideration.

The day is held alongside Meeting for Sufferings which decides the priorities and sets the direction of the Yearly Meeting. It will offer you the chance to consider ideas that have been on the agenda that are of relevance to young people.

You will have a conversation with your Area Meetings Meeting for Sufferings Representative before the day, this is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between adults and young people from the same Area Meeting. It's also a chance to find out about Meeting for Sufferings and Yearly Meeting work.

Being at the Participation Day made me feel a part of Quakerism and Britain Yearly Meeting.

How to come to the Young Quakers Participation Day.

Area Meetings first check with the Meeting for Sufferings Rep (MfS Rep) to see whether they are willing and able to support young people to attend the day. They then ask young people whether they would like to attend the day, this is called a "nomination". Information about nominations was sent to Area Meeting Clerks on 21 September, to see this information please click here. If you would like to be nominated to come to the day speak to your Area Meeting Clerk. If your MfS Rep is not able to support your attendance, or if you don't know your Area Meeting Clerk, please contact Alex the CYP administrator (see below for contact details).

Each Area Meeting can book two young people onto the day; they should be aged 14-18 (born between 1.9.2002 and 31.8.2006, inclusive). 

Area Meetings are asked to nominate by Sunday 22 November.

​For more information contact Alex on 020 7663 1013 or

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