2019 Accompanying

Accompanying for 15 to 18s was an informal meeting hub during Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM).  It included attendance at BYM and a selection of optional social activities out of session time.  These activities ran alongside but independently of BYM. It was planned by a co-ordinating group made up of three people aged under 18 supported by a young adult volunteer and a member of CYP staff.

The documents, minutes and videos of Yearly Meeting 2019 can be found at https://www.quaker.org.uk/ym/documents

The photos from Accompanying are now available on Flickr.

Here are some quotes from people who joined Accompanying:

I loved it, I felt really valued and listened to and we had great discussions.

I loved Yearly Meeting! I’m excited to come again. It was excellent. Great to integrate and talk with other Quakers of all ages. I already intended to attend Yearly Meeting but the experience has certainly helped.

I found it so interesting and important as a young person. I often don’t feel included in discussions about my own future.

I found some of the ministry really powerful, and hearing other’s stories helped me think more about myself.

It was really valuable chance to be involved in yearly meeting without the fear of going it alone.

Something where your understanding has changed: You can have too many reggae reggae crisps.

Accompanying has broadened and strengthened my understanding of Quakers.

Something I found unexpected was how much of the ministry that was given was relevant to me, and that resonated with me.

I’m going to be more pushy for inclusivity and acknowledging and using privilege in my meeting. And be a vegan.

I want to help young people in my area and reinvigorate Quakers.

I didn’t expect to minister in front of the whole meeting.

Young people witnessing for peace

Peace vigil

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