British Youth Council

The British Youth Council (BYC) is a youth-led charity that represents the views of young people to the government, decision makers and the media. BYC empowers young people to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. It is an umbrella body made up of young people’s organisations. 

The BYC has a number of meetings and opportunities each year where it listens to the voices of young people and hears about issues concerning them. By attending these meetings and finding ways to feedback to young people within Quakers in Britain, this is an exciting way representatives to get their peers interested in and campaigning about issues that matter.

Being a Quaker BYC Rep:

Being a representative for Quakers in Britain on the British Youth Council is really interesting, and in the role I have had the chance to meet with a truly diverse range of people that represent young people from across Britain. An essential part of why the BYC’s work is important is that it is a way for our voices as young people to be truly heard where it matters, and through this it offers a way for us as Quakers to communicate and live out our testimonies of Equality, Peace, and Sustainability.

As Quaker BYC reps we can only make an impact on the issues that matter to young people if we hear your views as young Quakers, so we can accurately represent you and what you believe is important on the council. I am currently working with CYP staff to find new ways to effectively listen to the views of young Quakers, bring these to the council, and share results back to the Quaker community.

Max Kirk
Quaker BYC Representative

For more details about Quakers in Britain's BYC Membership, and ways to get involved, contact the Cat Waithaka.

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