Youth, Children & families and Young Adults work (local)

Providing support to all Quaker communities across Britain, this includes Online Quaker Youth Groups.

Jude Acton, Team Leader: tel 020 7663 1160

Kirsty Philbrick, Youth, Children & Famlies Officer: tel 07849 803 493

Jo Baynham, Regional Youth Worker Yorkshire region: tel 020 7663 1173 

Stela Brinzeanu, Quaker Life Support Officer: tel: 020 7663 1013

Youth, Children & families and Young Adults work (national)

Jude Acton is also responsible for Youth, Children &Families's Programmes at Yearly Meetings, working with Kirsty Philbrick.

Integration Team

Alongside Yearly Meeting Programmes, work continues on the integration of young people into the decision making of the Yearly Meeting, including Junior Yearly Meeting, Facilitation and Leadership and Accompanying at Yearly Meeting (2022) . For more information contact: 

DJ Hanson, Youth Participation: tel 020 7663 1012

Quaker organisations

Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs (QAAD) works in accordance with Quaker principles to address the widespread use and misuse of alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs, and gambling. They occasionally run events for young people and have produced a DVD: ‘Too much too young’ exploring the health and social effects of alcohol on young people today.

Young Friends General Meeting (YFGM) is the national organisation for Young Quakers aged 18-30-ish in the UK, although YFGM welcome people from beyond the UK to their gatherings. Click here for the YFGM Facebook page

Woodbrooke regularly offers a limmited number of free or highly discounted places for young adult friends (aged 18-35 years). This includes all meals and accomodation.


Youth organisations that we have links with

The British Youth Council (BYC) is a youth-led charity that represents the views of young people to the government, decision makers and the media. BYC empowers young people to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. We are part of this umbrella body which is made up of young people’s organisations. 

The Woodcraft Folk is a movement for children and young people, open to everyone from birth to adult. They offer a place for children and young people to grow in confidence, learn about the world and start to understand how to value our planet and each other.

Methodists Children’s and Youth ministry in the Methodist Church enable children and young people to connect with God, the world and each other, so they can think as disciples, talk as disciples and be disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Fellowship of the United Reformed Youth (also known as FURY for short) is a body of young people aged 11-25 within the United Reformed Church.

Church of England Youth Council (CEYC) Is a youth-led council that aims to serve God by actively representing, enriching, and engaging with the young people of the Church of England. They represent and reflect 16 – 25s across the nation and have their voices heard at national levels!

The Unitarian youth programme follows the Unitarian ethos which is that we are all free to explore our own beliefs and views on life. Their values of respect, tolerance and compassion towards others are reflected in the activities they offer. Participants are encouraged to celebrate diversity and difference in each other whilst cherishing all that binds us.

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