Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Coronavirus (Covid19) has meant some big changes to how we live our lives and relate to each other. Times of big change and uncertaintly can understandably be stressful and leave people feeling uncertain and anxious. Below are some websites that either provide support for the range of feelings you may be experiencing or offer some ideas for how to use your time in isolation wisely. 

Taking care of yourself: Lots of things in life can leave you feeling overwhelmed, numb or stressed. Childline have tips and ideas to help you calm down, take care of yourself and feel better. Childline also has information about Cornoavirus (Covid19).

The Mix: has a wide range of support and advice on Coronavirus (Covid19), health, support, money, tenancy rights and coron-anxiety.

Young Minds have Coronavirus (Covid19) advice and mental health support, especially helpful if you are struggling with self-isolation, Coronavirus (Covid19) and the impact it has on your mental health.

unicef has information on strategies for protecting your mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Association of Young People's Health have worked with young people to produce a rights-based, survivor-led approach to coping with lockdown. They share their lived experience and wisdom to encourage everyone with ways to cope with the Coronavirus lockdown.

The Hideout: A space for children and young people to understand domestic abuse. At the bottom of each page is a yellow button that allows you to hide the page and takes you straight back to a search page. The site also includes a page explaining how to cover your tracks, the information provided will not completely cover your tracks (the only way to do this is access it from outside your home on another device).

Apps and sites for supporting mental health (pdf) from NHS Midlands Partnership.

Coronavirus support Keep calm, stay connected, be safe. Information on bullying, education, finances and looking after yourself. As well as some definitions and links to websites from (UK Youth and National Youth Agency)

Action For Happiness have produce a coping calendar to help you to Keep Calm, Stay Wise & Be Kind.

Headspace app is offering free support during the current global crisis. These select 'Weathering the storm' meditations are part of the larger collection from Headspace. have created a list of things to do whilst at home, from reading to through to going to the theatre from your sofa!

Walsall for all has translated guidance and accessible formats on COVID-19

Learn British Sign Language: For a contribution of £3 you can take a comprehnsive introduction to British Sign Language.

Girls who code USA: are releasing weekly educational activities, some online, some offline, of varying levels of difficulty. 

P.E. with Joe. This list would not be complete without a link to P.E. with Joe Wicks.

NHS UK have a 10-minute home cardo workout too.

Off the Record is based in Croydon, Merton and Sutton with those in that area having the chance to sign up for free telephone counselling. If you don't live in theose areas they still have some useful information on their pages.

Most of this list of websites has been drawn from the young people pages of which have been put together by the National Youth Agency, The Mix and UK Youth.


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