Living Out Our Faith in the World

in Devon: 8 April to 13 April, 2017

For young Quakers ages 13 to 17 and their friends.

The event was a unique opportunity and an enriching experience for those who participated. 19 young people attended the event including Quakers and their friends .

The young people lived and worked in community with staff and volunteers at Embercombe in Devon. Every task that they participated in was purposeful and contributed to the community's sustainable living.

They contributed to planting vegetables to feed the community, chopped wood so the community could light fires to keep warm at night and helped to prepare meals. They even used the wood to light the pizza oven, made pizza dough, picked the toppings from the garden and made pizzas to feed a community of 60 people including a group of refugees from North Africa who were helping for the day.

They began every day with Meeting for Worship and were introduced to a Quaker testimony to consider each day. The daily tasks and interaction provided them with an opportunity to reflect on Quaker testimonies and the person they want to be in the world. Alongside this they gathered in community, made friendships, challenged themselves, had fun and laughed a lot.

Photos from the event are available on Flickr.

‘The sessions were really fun, although challenging and gave us life skills, which we can use in our everyday lives. It was nice that they were real jobs that needing doing’.

‘It was really helpful how we had worship every morning to think about the testimonies and epilogue to reflect’.

‘It was an amazing opportunity and I would love for other people to have the chance’.

‘I felt really comfortable talking to a group and I felt my ideas were really valued’.

‘It was a life changing experience, it was fun and different to learn new skills’.



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