Young Adults

Aged 18-30 ?

For many young adults Quakerism expresses itself in community work, campaigning and activits. Young adult Quaker communities can be space to develop connection, share experiences and find belonging.

See for the Young Adult Quaker pages, where you can find out more, including how to make contact with others and get involved.


Are you interested in working for peace? There are a number of opportunities available from short term opportunities through to longer term commitments. More information at our peace work pages. If you are thinking about an internship there is more information on our internship pages.

Quaker Voluntary Service in the USA offers a year-long fellowship to young adults (21-30) to live communally, work full time at social service and social change agencies, and explore themes of spiritual and personal growth with local Quakers.

Events and courses 

Young Friends’ General Meeting, is a national group for Young Adult Quakers aged between 18 and 30-ish in the UK, although YFGM welcome people from beyond the UK to their gatherings. Click here for the YFGM Facebook page
Young adults at Yearly Meeting Gathering is for young adult Friends aged 18-30ish who are going to be at Yearly Meeting Gathering. This a way of attending the event and linking up with people your age as well as being a space to share thoughts about Yearly Meeting Gathering and to suggest places to meet up etc. The contact is Kirsty Philbrick

Young Adult Quaker Worship Groups

Young adult Quaker groups are available across the country for worship and fellowship. We have broken the country into regions to make it easier to find a group near to you. Click here to go to to find a Quaker group near to you.

If you're unable to find a group near you, get in touch and we can help you to set one up.

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