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Online Calendar

There is an online calendar of all Quaker events in Britain. Quakers who are running an event for young people can submit their events for publication at any time in the year.

Local events

Day events, social gatherings or residential weekends for young Quakers to come together from across an area to have fun, build friendships and explore Quakerism. For the futher information and contact details for all the events below please go to the Young Quakers Calendar.

Gloucestershire Area Meeting Link Group
11 to 17

Lancaster Young People's Group
11 to 18 at Lancaster Meeting House.

Leeds Teenage Meeting
Ages 11 to 18 from Leeds

London Link Group
11 to 18 from London area meetings and wider.

Luton & Leighton AM Link Group
Ages 11 to 15 from Luton & Leighton Area Meeting and surrounding areas.

NooDLe Link Group
Ages 11 to 18 from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

Teenage General Meeting (North West)
Ages 13 to 18 from north west of England and North Wales

Scottish Link Group
Ages 13 to 17 from Scotland.

Sheffield Central Quaker Teenagers
Ages 13 to 18.

Summer events

Residential weeks of new experiences, spiritual growth, friendship and fun. For futher information and contact details please go to the Young Quakers Calendar.

The Friends Summer School
Ages 11 to 17 An inclusive residential Quaker community with various activities, speakers and fun! 

FSSE Junior Gathering
Ages 11 to 14 from the south of England and beyond.

Friends Southern Senior Conference
Ages 15 to 18 from the south of England and beyond.

Northern Young Friends Summer Shindig 
Ages 11 to 16 from Scotland and Northumbria and Cumbria, the rest of the UK and beyond!

Yorkshire Friends Holiday School
Ages 13 to 18 from Yorkshire and elsewhere.

National events

National events for young people aged 11-18 are organised by Quakers in Britain,

YFGM runs events for people aged over 18. 

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National events

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