Junior Yearly Meeting: 2022

At the Frontier Centre, Northamptonshire

3:30pm Saturday 9 April to 12:45pm Tuesday 12 April.

"Compassionate listening and spiritual engagement: How can we strengthen our faith community to make space for action?"

​Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) is a welcoming, exciting and thought provoking event for young people born between 1.9.2003 and 31.8.2006. Whether you have recently discovered Quakerism or have been a Quaker all your life, JYM offers everyone the opportunity to meet new people, make friends through social activities and engage with spiritual practices and ideas.

The event is run by people your age, who are supported by a team of adults. For more information about what JYM is like see the links to past events.

This year JYM happens separately to Yearly Meeting the event for Quakers of all ages but will link to the issues being considered there.

In three short days I feel I have developed so much not only as person but also as a member of the Quaker community.

You will explore the JYM theme through speaker sessions, discussions, reflection and Quaker Meeting for Worship for Business.

Quakerism wasn't something I really thought would fit with the rest of my identity. I didn't really “get it" before, but now I really do. Now I'm a Quaker.

JYM is also a spiritual event with the opportunity for you to experience Quaker practices and Worship.

I felt that JYM helped me grow spiritually as a person. It has made me want to put my thoughts into action. I don't just want to say it, I want to do it.

Social activities and small groups, called base groups, will provide a place to build relationships and play games. 

JYM showed me an enormous, beautiful community of people.

JYM Places

There are two ways to come to JYM. By "nomination"  or by an "open place". The deadline for confirming your place is Sunday 13 March.

Nominations: Area Meetings, Quaker Schools or overseas Yearly Meetings ask young people whether they would like to attend. This is called a "nomination". Information about JYM nominations was sent to Area Meeting Clerks October 2021. If you would like to be nominated to come to JYM, speak to your Meeting Clerk or Headteach (Quaker Schools). If you don't know your Meeting Clerk, contact Catherine at catw@quaker.org.uk, and she will be happy to put you in touch.

Open places: If you are not currently associated with a Meeting or a School you can apply for an open place.

Open place guidance, to be read prior to applying, this will guide you through any questions you may have. To view the open place guidance please click here.

To view the leaflet about Junior Yearly Meeting 2022, please click here.

Open place application form: To aply for an open place please complete the online form.

For more information contact Catherine on 020 7663 1011 or email catw@quaker.org.uk 

Picture of a group of young people walking

Junior Yearly Meeting: 2019

at Frontier Centre, Northamptonshire

Group of young people walking

Junior Yearly Meeting: 2018

at Lee Valley, Cheshunt


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