JYM 2019

Junior Yearly Meeting 2019

This event was attended by 70 young people aged 15 to 18 years olds, as a youth event, the event is planned and facilitated by a group of young people known as an Arrangements Committee. They appoint a futher group of young people who plan and faciltate the small groups known as base groups. They work with a team of adults in the delivery of their plans.

The participants at this year's event considered the theme:

“Diversity and Inclusivity: How can we use our ideals to change our reality?”

This links to the focus of Yearly Meeting in May which will be looking at privilege (and assumptions of privilege) and how it impacts on our ability to act in relation to climate justice and sustainability, and inclusion and diversity. 

As a part of the event the group had a Quaker Meeting for Worship for Business, where they agreed a Minute which has been sent to the Yearly Meeting clerks with the offer of this being read. 

JYM Epistle and photos.

Each small group, known as a Base Group contributed their experience of the event to form the JYM Epistle. This captures the 'sense of the meeting' the experience of the group expressed in the Epistle.

The photos from JYM 2019 are now available on Flickr. and the JYM video can be found below (with thanks to Tim Hall Farthing, CYP Intern 2019 for editing this).


Circle of friends sitting in a circle


Join in: belong



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