What is your favourite passage in Quaker faith and practice? Young Quakers at Junior Yearly Meeting 2015 and Young People's Programme 2015 explored their thoughts and feelings on this. Using their reflections participants were recorded reading their favourite passage and in some cases sharing why the passage that they had read was important to them. The young people's editorial board for Living Our Beliefs agreed the video clips to be used and the chapter of the book that they related to.

This months featured clip can be found below. To watch the rest of the video clips see below the clip for links. 



Belief in action

Going to meeting

Life journeys

Knowing our weakness

Dark night of the soul

Growing old


Seed of commitment


A true community

Peace and conflict


If we are angry

Our life is love

Peace begins

Who are Quakers?

Believing in God


A moment of harmony

Circle of friends sitting in a circle


Join in: belong



Information and support