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“We can give up hope and help ensure that the worst will happen, or we can grab what rays of hope there are. Its not much of a choice really.” Noam Chomsky


Are you thinking about your future? Are you interested in working for peace? There are a number of opportunities available from short term opportunities through to longer term commitments. Please note that with the exception of the Eva Pinthus Award all of the opportunities below are aimed at people aged at least over 20.

QUNO Geneva Summer School

The Geneva Summer School in July provides an introduction for young people to the work of the United Nations, as seen through the programme areas of Quaker United Nations Office. Geneva Summer School is a twelve day event open to participants aged between 20 and 26 years old. An active interest in international affairs is required, as well as as the desire to share understanding with others. Applications open in January every year and is advertised on the main Quaker events page. There is some bursary funding available for participants.

Reconcilliation Internship at Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral offers an internship for those seeking to develop their understanding of reconcilliation and peace building as part of a Christian mission community.


Quakers in Britain Peaceworker scheme encourages a new generation of peaceworkers by funding one-year full-time paid placements in organisations working for peace and social justice at local, national or international levels. Due to the requirement for relevant experience and high level of competition, sucessful candidates are usually graduates or older. Applications open in February every year and are advertised on the main Quaker jobs page

QUNO Programme Assistants

Programme Assistant placements at the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva. Programme Assistants contribute towards QUNO's programme work on a one-year paid placement. These are entry-level positions for recent graduates who are interested in international affairs and the United Nations, and who have a commitment to Quaker principles of peace, nonviolence and equality. Applications are advertised in February each year.

Ecumenical Accompaniers

Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) work in small multinational teams placed in a variety of locations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They work alongside Palestinian and Israeli communities and/or groups working nonviolently against the occupation. EAs are of many different backgrounds, but what they all share is a deep dedication to human rights. EAs must be over 25 and able to commit to a 3 month placement as well as mandantory training beforehand and extensive advocacy on their return. Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) advertises placements in Spring every year, with more detail at the EAPPI get involved page.


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Young adults

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