Looking to do an internship? Do you know what your rights are in relation to being paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW), do you know where to go for more information and what action you can take if you feel that you have been exploited?

The Government has produced a guide explaining what an internship is, how it is different to volunteering, whether you are entitled to NMW and what makes a good internship and also how to get the most out of one. They also have details on the National minimum wage: work experience and internships


Coventry Cathedral offers a Reconcilliation Internship at Coventry Cathedral for those seeking to develop their understanding of reconcilliation and peace building as part of a Christian mission community.
Channel 4 has an in-house scheme offering paid internships and apprenticeships to young people looking to get into the creative industries. They require no specific qualification, just talent and enthusiasm. All their opportunities are paid above the minimum wage.
young adults

Young adults

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