YPP 2019

Young People’s Programme

This event took place at the same time as Yearly Meeting, which is the annual meeting of Quakers in Britain. The event was attended by 29 young people aged 11-15.

The participants considered the theme, “Opening our hearts and minds, to transform the world” was based at based at High Leigh Conference Centre. There were facilitated sessions on subjects such as privilege, climate justice, diversity and tolerance. These sessions were interspersed with games, worship and discussion. Overall “It was an amazing experience and I have grown a lot from it as a person and a Quaker. The workshops have been perfect in the sense of people that varied. It was so interesting.” quoted from participant feedback.

At the end of YPP the group had a final Meeting for Worship for Business where they agreed a minute which expressed their experience of the event. This minute is recorded in the final session of the whole Yearly Meeting. This minute captures the 'sense of the meeting' and is a collective decision by this group expressed in the Minute.

The photos from YPP 2019 are now on Flickr.


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